Overview representing more than 40% of the

Overview of Almarai And Nadec Companies:Almarai Company: is leading company in manufacture and distribution of food and beverage in the Middle East, and also the largest integrated dairy organization in the world. Almarai means” green pastures” in Arabic. It was founded by Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer in 1997 in Riyadh. The company works according to its principle which is” Quality you can trust” to make customers recognize the organization as synonymous with quality. (ArabianBusiness.

com, n.d ) , (Almarai, 2018).Almarai Company participates in the manufacture and trade of dairy, juice, bakery, poultry and nutrition products. It operates through different brands such as Almarai, Alyoum, L’usine, 7Days, and Nuralac but Almarai is the main brand in Almarai Company. Each brand focuses on producing a specific product .

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Thus, Almarai manfacure dairy and juice products under Almarai, bakery products under the brands L’usine and 7 Days, poultry products under the Alyoum brand and Baby nourishing products under Nuralac brand. (Marketscreener.com, n.d), (Almarai, 2018).Examples of each product:Dairy liquids: include fresh dairy product which the essential sector of Almarai’s business representing more than 40% of the Company sales. Some examples of fresh dairy, fresh Laban and milk, vital Laban and vital milk, flavored milk products and the advanced lacto free milk.

All of them produced by Almarai flocks which are fresh milk that available in all GCC countries. Also dairy liquids include Long Life product such as milk, evaporated milk, whipping cream and cooking cream., Juices: it produces a variety of natural juices that has different sizes of bottles and flavors such as Mango, Apple and Orange.

Desert and yoghurt: it produce desert and yoghurt such as zabadi and cream caramel, cheese such as cream cheese spread, cheese slices and feta. Bakery: it offers various of different baked products that have high quality such as breads, ready-to-eat pastries and other baked that has diverse and unique flavors such as, Swiss rolls, cupcakes and croissants.Poultry: it provide health, delicious, fresh and clean poultry such as frozen chicken and ready to cook chicken.

Nutrition: it produces nutrition products to support baby’s growth such as growing up baby formula.(Almarai, 2018)Almarai Company’s locations:Almarai’s head office is in Riyadh. However, the locations of their farms, factories, sales, transport and logistics will be diverse in different countries as follow:Farms: Almarai Company’s dairy farms located in Saudi Arabia and Jordan. The arable farms located in Saudi Arabia, Argentina and USA. Also, poultry farms are located in Saudi Arabia (Hail).

Manufacture: the manufacturing in Saudi Arabia( Al Kharj, Jeddah and Hail). Also, Jordan and Egypt.Transport and logistics: in Saudi Arabia (Al Kharj, Jeddah, and Hail). Also, the UAE, Jordan and Egypt.Sales: depots throughout the GCC region, Jordan and Egypt.( Almarai, 2018).


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