Over this 21st century. Employee engagement is directly

Over the past years, many authors have written on the topic Employee Engagement. Employee engagement with reference to Macey et al (2009) is seen as, individuals having the purpose and zeal directed towards meeting the organizations objectives. Employee Engagement is not the only term to describe the positive attitude towards work and also the behaviour of employees at work. On the other hand, other terms are commitment. Employee engagement is an essential tool for organisations in this 21st century.

Employee engagement is directly influenced by growth of the organisation and the employee perception of the organisation. HR professionals believe that employee engagement has a lot do with how employees feel about the work experience and also how he or she is treated in the organisation. It deals with emotions which are related to drive the success of the organisation. Employee engagement has a direct positive impact on organisation’s productivity.The concept of engagement from past research is involved on high involvement, job motivation, empowerment, organisational commitment, and trust. Therefore a good relationship between a manager and their employees as well as these employees and their colleagues at the work.

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The key factors of employee engagement are career development opportunities, flexibility of employee’s hours at work, fair pay structure, transparency and honesty, communication, employee recognition etc. Employee engagement is about creating opportunities for employees to connect with managers, colleagues and the wider organisation. It’s also about creating a conducive environment where employees are motivated to connect with their work and really care about doing a very good job. WESTLION Westlion is a Small and Medium Scale company (SME), Founder by Mr. Paul Frimpong with a total employee size of 8, located at Building NO.49, 01 North Legon, opposite Wisconsin University Accra – Ghana. Westlion is a leading multi-national business facilitation and intelligence company with operations in over 30 countries across Africa and interest in over 15 industries.They work with business leaders, entrepreneurs, government and investors around the globe who are interested in investing in Africa.

They provide perfect deal flow platforms through exclusive summits, investment, advisory, professional training and market intelligence.Westlion provides specialized and professional training programs for corporate executives and individuals who wishes to gain deeper understanding in their field of operations in other to help facilitate success and growth. Westlion also provides investment advisory services which help the organisations across Africa to raise capital, lend money, extend liquidity and provide strategic advice. They help companies in Africa to raise capital from global investor through a pre-scheduled one-to-one meeting.They are also noted for hosting some of the continent’s leading summits across multiple industries such as real estates, finance, IT, Oil and Gas etc. Their key competitors include Africa investors, CorTrain Ghana and Cnergy, Holdings. Also with their main customer segment, they target according to the service they provide.

Training target which is the senior level management and Young professionals. Summits targets are the solution providers and C- level executive or decision makers of firms. THE CONCEPT OF EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT WITHIN WESTLION AND THE IMPACT EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT HAS ON THE ORGANISATIONAL SUCCESS.

Understanding employee engagement is an important tool to the success and performance to every organisation.Macey et al (2009) defined employee engagement as an individual’s purpose and focused energy, evident to others in the display of personal initiative, adaptability effort and persistence directed towards organisational goals. In support, Alfes et al,(2010) defined employee engagement as being positively present during the performance of work by willingly contributing intellectual effort, experiencing positive emotions and meaningful connections to others. In view of this, being engaged simply means that you are fully involved and interested in the work so that it holds your attention and inspires you to do your best.

Employee engagement is a relationship of trust and respect between the employer and the employee. Managers at westlion, share their future prospects clearly with their subordinates, encourage employees towards the improvement of attaining organisational goals, and also create a conducive environment to engage employees at work.However, Westlion engages its employees to an extent of making them feel connected and trust the organisation. Employees are emotionally connected with their work to the extent for having a positive attitude towards the organisation. For example; employees devote their time to come to work even on a holiday when they are not obliged to work.Employees engaged in Westlion have a complete focus on the work and not think about anything when performing tasks. This helps them devote their full attention to work. An example; there are accidents free within the organisation and also errors are reduced.

Engaged employees in Westlion helps to an extent where they are willing and able to display positive behavior to go the extra mile and work beyond their contract terms and also see work as a source of energy. For example; employees stay behind to work for extra hours of which they are not obliged to.Moreover, there are various drivers to employee engagement.After all, leadership is a key driver of employee engagement.

Leaders are the face of the organisation who set strategic goals and objectives to guide the organisation in the right direction to achieve its vision.Soane (2014) claim leaders play an important role in creating the environment within which employees can be engaged at work and make the difference between work as a mundane grind, devoid of meaning and purpose and work as an enriching and fulfilling experience that provides an essential source of identity which infuse e all aspects of being.


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