Over but the increasing of crime and violence

Over the past decade the crime rate in Jamaica as increased rapidly, the island of Jamaica is located in the Caribbean with a population of over 2.

5 million. Jamaica faces many situations on a yearly basis but the increasing of crime and violence is ranked at number one. In the year of 2011 the country was categorized as 3rd in a report of all the countries that had the highest crime rates in the world by Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development. Jamaica has turned for its worst over the past few years.

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The local newspapers and televisions stations are packed each day with stories of shootings, murders, kidnapping, robberies, imputes among the two parties and Scamming which has taken over the western parishes of the country. There are several factors which may contribute to crime and violence in Jamaica. These factors include lack of education, poverty, lack of jobs, poor justice system and improper methods of dealing with conflicts, abuse that are influenced in the homes and the list goes on.Firstly, the lack of jobs in the country is a primary factor to crime and violence in our country. There are thousands of youngsters upon graduating from high school with five or more CXCs and still can’t find any jobs so many of them turn to crime and violence to sustain themselves just to survive and the youngsters who have no qualification are and fail in getting a job are approached by gangs which requte them to carry their wrong doings which makes them menace to society at large. In Jamaica as a youngster if he or she has no form of qualification nowhere will want to accommodate them so they think their only way out is to tur to felonies such as drug sale especially marijuana and robberies. And If they were asked why they did all that they would say just to make a living to survive and yes there are many situations were children whose parents that are out of their jobs, sell drugs to make money for their children tuition for higher education.Another primary factor of crime and violence in the Jamaican society is poverty it a known that many families living in the country is are poor.

In most of these families in Jamaica there is usually a single parent. In most of these cases it is usually a mother who as to take on the role of a mother and a father just to ensure that their children a given an education mean while the child or children father is not doing is part in caring for them. It is definitely a fact that persons who are poor tend to have more children than others who are middle class. We see single parents with seven or even more children at times. We see these parents in the news in the newspapers and on the television asking for help in any way they can get it it doesn’t matter if it is food or money because they want their children to attend school to gain an education.

These parents are not able to provide their children with proper shelter and they miss out aot from school children from this type of environment may turn out uneducated and may never get a job.


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