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Over the past few years, digital divide has been recognized as a gap between those who have access to computers, internet, and those who do not.

It became wildly popular in mid 1990’s. One aspect of digital divide is in education. Internet access is no longer a luxury but a necessity in the educational sector. Almost all schools in the U.S are assign homework through the internet. Digital inequities persist in communities across the country.

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 Student are assign homework online regardless of them having internet at home or not. Meanwhile, those with internet access at home have more advantages than those who do not. Also, children in low-income homes, school districts, inadequate access to technology can hinder them from learning the technical skills require to success in today’s economy. In a Pew survey of teachers, teachers of low income students tended to report more obstacles to using educational technology effectively than their peers in more affluent schools. Among teachers in the highest income areas, 70% said their school gave them good support for incorporating technology into their teaching.

Among teachers in the lowest income areas, that numbers was just 50%. The digital divide is something almost every classroom has to deal with because there growing and many new technologies that can benefit the classroom and it is really hard to keep up with.  Digital technology is always changing meaning classrooms have to change in order to bridge the gap of digital divide within education. The possible solution I will proposed here are my own personal means of combating digital divide. The first proposed way to bridge the gap of digital divide is to increase access to technology. That is bring your own device. This will enable students to use their own device in classrooms, which is great because they are already familiar with their own device.

Schools must be equipped with Wi-Fi connection, in all campuses to enable student complete their assign works. There are programs like the leasing program which provide the least to lease a device from the school at a lower cost. This program will help student to have technology readily available to them. Another way is to have more computer labs. Right now, most schools have computer lab but because of the increase in the number of student each school year, computer labs are not available to all student.



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