Outsmarting I rarely bend them. I pride myself

Outsmarting the cancer process for me has been a decade long journey. It was empowering to realize that research showed that I had some control over it. I speak not as someone who has suffered through cancer. I did not. Luckily I realized that the same protocol for preventing cancer is it’s cure. As a preventative measure I now follow some basic metabolic rules. It would be superhuman of me to say that I ever break those rules. But rather I rarely bend them. I pride myself in having my priorities straight.

I was a fibromyalgia and IBS poster child with insulin resistance. All of these conditions are tell tale signs that you are in the path of storm called cancer. A wake up call that offers a shot at redemption. An opportunity to right a few wrongs. Sometimes small changes add up to big results. Making up missed workouts or getting in more veggies could make a difference right?

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