Outlet consumers with the promotions offered, and also

Outlet markets have always kept successful in attracting consumers with the promotions offered, and also attracting brands to participate. This happens for several reason, on one hand, people visit the market to find products at a discount price, on the other hand, this is only possible because manufacturers and retailers want and need to take one last opportunity to sell-out their inventories and try to make some money out of it, even if close to production cost in order not to lose the money invested in those items. This happens because manufacturers and retailers are susceptible to many inventory management challenges such as demand fluctuations, distressed stocks, and other issues related to managing products and keeping count of the inventory (Patil & Divekar, 2014).

These markets might also be important to brands, because brands might not have stocking capacity or because holding inventory is expensive, the same holds true if we talk about minimal defect products, companies are not be able to keep them, sell them and want to take any chance to cover as many costs as possible, also, these products might soon lose its commercial value, which needs to be registered in accounting books (Olhamar, 2018).

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