Our is an expert in Chinese internet censorship,

Our second source comes from Rebecca Mackinnon, who explains how social
media may be “an amplifier and conveyor belt for
hatred and violence” (Mackinnon 2). Mackinnon is the director of the Ranking Digital
Rights project (Mackinnon 1). This adds to her credibility because her team
sets the universal requirements for how corporations in the information and
communications technology division should respect freedom of speech and confidentiality
(Mackinnon 1). As the former CNN’s Beijing and Tokyo Bureau Chief, MacKinnon is
an expert in Chinese internet censorship, which gives her insight into both
extremes of censorship. On one end of the spectrum, Chinese internet is heavily
regulated and on the other end, she has worked with less regulated internet in
other nations. Moreover, Mackinnon was a senior research fellow and Bernard L. Schwartz
senior fellow at New America, adds to her reputations as a reliable source because
it shows how she focused on the global integration of freedom of expression

In her article, Mackinnon
presents the various outcomes that may come with censoring social media to
prevent extremism. For
example, extremists, such as ISIS use social media as a medium for propaganda
and recruitment. In fact, ISIS has recruited over 30,000 people through its
online activities. This statistic is significant because it shows how social
media allows ISIS to recruit people on a large scale and increases their
numbers in a way that probably would not have been possible before. Moreover, social
media facilitates them by allowing everything to be done by screen, without
having to do it face to face. However, it is extremely hard
for social media companies to “stamp out violent and extremist speech without
unintentionally violating many other people’s rights” (Mackinnon 5). Mackinnon
also points out that fake news misguides and misinforms young and vulnerable
people. Due to the flood of fake news overpowering social media, “Google and
Facebook have started to work with a range of journalists, academic researchers
and other expert groups to expose and debunk” them (Mackinnon 7). Mackinnon
makes a hypothetical claim that is valid. Hypothetical CLAIM =She proposes a
solution that “companies must find a way to reduce the collateral damage to
free speech rights of people, while also reducing the use of their platforms to
promote and perpetrate violent extremism” (Mackinnon 5).

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