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The story of Othello is a tragedy caused by love, money, and power. Othello was looking for love because he already had money, and power, and that snake Iago was looking for money and power. Iago was not concerned about love because heed rather have money and power.

In this story almost all of the main characters were either looking for love, money, or power. Othello ended up killing his love of his life Desdemona and himself, Othello loved Desdemona so much that heed rather murder her then have her sleeping with someone else. Iago on the other hand didn’t care about love because he just wanted riches and to be second in command of the army, his urge for power grew bigger as the story went on. Iago is the kind of person that will stab somebody in the back even if it’s his own friends and kill them if he had to, like he killed Rodrigo and was planning to kill Casio. Casio was kind of like the scapegoat for Iago because he wanted everything to be blamed on Casio and Rodrigo was his puppet.

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Rodrigo loved Desdemona too, and Iago promised Desdemona to Rodrigo so that Rodrigo would do anything he said. To Iago this story was like a game to him, more like a strategy game. The way Iago manipulated his victims in to hating the person they loved most.

Iago’s main objective was to kill Casio because he wanted to take his place for second in command of the army. Iago also wanted to sleep with Desdemona because he heard that Othello was sleeping with his wife. In.

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