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 Oscar BuelnaProfessor CormierEnglish 20115 January 2018                 Many people may feelalone sometimes. Almost everyone has felt alone and in some cases depressedabout their lives or any other problem that may affect them. One of the placesthat people can rely and visit for help or any problem is Christian church.Christianity Church is a group of believers who are committed to worship andserving God and loving each other by following the word of god based on valuesand love. It should be a safe place where people can be themselves and yet beencouraged to grow in their relationship with God. It also might be a group of peoplethat works on Unity with the help of the Holy Spirit.  Church has been an institution that has helpedmillions of people throughout the country.

It is a place that works based onthe bible, the most sold book all time, and helps us to follow the path thatGod wants for us. In some families, going to church every week is a sacredtradition that keeps them together and helps people to raise their childrenproperly by giving us the tools to be good parents and raise our children inorder to be functional citizens in our community. Church is an institution thathelps people to raise their child with good values such as faith, respect,among others. Children are the future of society, and even those who do nothave children should be concerned about the direction of the culture they have.Just because church has lost many followers does not mean people should avoidit.

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Our culture needs a spiritual life by going to church in order to maketheir lives better in all aspects. People should join to Christians churches inorder to become a better person.        Christianscommunities can be like “new families”.

  Beingpart of church offers many advantages. Assisting to church often helps peopleto find themselves. Many teenagers do not know at an early age what they wantto be when they grow up. Being a member of the Christian community helps tomake connection with other people that can be similar or different. Going tochurch in a daily basis increases your opportunities of having a better future. Every week a new person comes in and joinChristianity.

Having the opportunity to know new people increase youropportunity of being successful, but also following the path of God is not onlybeneficial for teenagers.One thing that people oftenfinds in church is their talents. Church gives confidence to their believers inorder to develop their talents or gifts that people were born with. Being in acommunity where you feel confident and accepted by a community       The benefits of being a member of thesegroups are recognized by people that belong to Christianity. Sharing differentopinions in a group with people that may have different opinions and adifferent point of view of what most of people could perceive benefits our toleranceto other opinions.

 Sharing memories in ayouth group encourages our ability to make new friends and develop in any. Listeningto the priest and the message that he transmits to all the believers everyweekend encourages the believers to be a better person by changing traits intheir personal lives that may affect their life or the life that people thatsurround them. As part of the Christian community, I have experienced a lot ofchanges in families that came with problems. As Obama said in a conference in2010, religion is beneficial and people recur to it when hard times come. Facingproblems alone is not an essay thing and being together in a religion helps tosolve them by having a friend that went through the same problem or someone whocould emotionally by giving an advice are only a few good things that going Christianchurches offers.

Also it can provide new opportuinites for people that need ajob.Thoughtout my religious experiences by going to church , I have seen some peoplethat have found a person that helped them with jobs and opportunities. Alsopeople that have met in a church and have become best friends.     


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