Orthopedics essay

This includes injuries or disorders of ligaments and tendons, bones, joints and the spinal column, as well as degenerative conditions, such s arthritis. Hen I went around with the nurse I saw as the nurse took vitals of the patient, such as their blood pressure (BP), heart rate, temperature, pulse, oxygen level and etc. Was also taught that pulse is the rhythmic beat of the arteries caused by the contractions of the heart. The nurse used a little tripod on wheels that had all the materials to take the signs. The nurse wrote down all the vitals on a chart and then moved on to the next patient and did the same.

I also was also show two different places to take blood pressure; the hand and also the legs. Also saw as the nurses put in all the information of the patient into the computers for the doctor to see when he or she pulls up the patients file, so they know how they have been feeling and doing. The nurses on the orthopedic floor were very nice and taught me a lot!

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