Organizations for E-MC2, evaluating and motivating the

Organizations must perform at reliable and successful levels to stay in business. One indicator of organizational performance is, its human resources outcomes. To be competitive in a global marketplace, a large multinational organization should manage human resources as strategically as any other division or department. Recognition of people as a valuable resource in the organization has led to increase trends in employee maintenance, secure in job etc. Although there is no perfect formula when it comes to performance appraisals in which everyone is looking for E-MC2, evaluating and motivating the employees involves doing a lot of little things all in the right time, rather than creating the perfect form.

Performance appraisal system is also consider as an activity in an organization. Oftenly, this process combining both written and oral elements, where the management evaluates and provides feedback on the employee job performance including steps to improve or redirect the activities where it is necessary needed. With a specific period of time, once the whole process is finalized, it will be monitored and administered by the personnel or Human Resource department. In prior to this, the research case study is about an “Analysis Methods of Performance Appraisal System in Jollibee Entrek Sdn Bhd & McDonald”.

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