Organization women and girls. The decision making body

Organization culture                                                                                             The organization isgoverned by young women and girls. The decision making body I-e board ofdirectors of aware girls composed of young man. The management of aware girlscontrolled by young female staff. Aware girls has young women member in KPKprovince of Pakistan. The membership is open to young women and girls of theage 12 to 29.Departmentalization:                                                                                                        Departmentalization means that theorganization is divided into different parts like there is finance department,administration department etc. Every department is doing different task but forthe same organization. Our organization is Aware Girls and it is governed anddirected by Young Women and Girls.

Specialization:                                                                                                                                Specializationmeans having special skills in the person who is hired in the organization.When a person is hired in the organization for a specific purpose he have theskill and he will be able to do that work properly.Formalization:                                                                                                          Formalizationmeans that every organization has some rules and procedure to work on it. Decentralization:                                                                                                                     Decentralization means that in anyorganization every person who is working in the organization has authority totake decision with the high level management. In Aware girls Gulalai Ismail isthe founder but all the other young girls are working with the Gulalai for thewomen rights.   Chain of Command:                                                                                                                                           It meansthat the one decision or instruction in passes through one person to anotherbut it is mostly use in civil organizations and military system.

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Span of Control:                                                                                                               Span of control means that how much employees areworking and reporting to the founder or manager in the organization. In AwareGirls young women are working under the founder for women rights and report thefounder about the daily routine and work. 


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