ook- Is he doing it for himself or

ook- It’s only natural for humans to make mistakes, just like Amir in the novel The Kite Runner, but it is how the mistakes are resolved that will dictate one’s fate. Amir, the main character through the novel, makes a lot of mistakes, and struggles to try to redeem himself.Context-In The Kite Runner Amir does a lot of bad and is tormented by it. Through the book he tries to redeem himself.After Baba dies he tries to redeems himself and goes back to afghanistan Finds out hassan is dead and searches for his son.

Is he doing it for himself or for sohrab, so he can feel better and not guilty?Will this make him good againThesis- 10 key plot moments-rahim khan and baba talkong and smoking in their office, amir walks by and hears them talking about him-amir reads fake story to hassan, he likes it amir goes home and writes his own story and rahim khan likes it-kite runner contest comes around and they win-amir witnesses hassan getting raped-amir and baba leave afghanistan, baba almost gets killed trying to save a random women-amir meets soraya and baba gets cancer-rahim khan calls and wants amir to come back to pakistan to go get hassans son-amir does not find hassans son but continue to look- amir finds assef holding sohrab hostage, gets in fight with assef and sohrab shoots assef eye out with sling shot and they go back to america.- amir flies kite with sohrab Body 1-Opening sentence- When the kite runner comes around Amir takes this opportunity to prove to his father that he can be an “ideal” son, ultimately getting redemption for everything his father has not approved of. Amir could never live up to Baba’s expectations of him and that is where the theme of redemption comes in play between these two characters.Kite runner contest and how that is his first part of redemption-Baba blames amir for his mother’s deathAmir believes his father does not love him and he thinks of ways to make it right.Kite runner contestIf he wins he will get redemption from his father and believes he will love him.

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Body 2-WritesGoes back to afghanistan for rahim khan and leaves his wife for a long timeStarts a search for sohrabWhen he can’t find sohrab at the orphanage, he does not stop he continues searching for himWhen assef has sohrab he stands up for him and takes a beating but sohrab ends up saving himBrings back sohrab and takes good care of himHis guilt is revealedConclusion-Why can’t anyone else have redemption? Rahim Khan said in the novel ” True redemption is when guilt leads to good.” if someone makes up for there sins and makes them right, the they have reached redemption. So yes, i do believe that Amir has redeemed himself in the novel.

His guilt leads him to saving a boys life and risking his for it. Amir reached redemption by getting over all his guilt and doing the right thing.-restate thesis


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