Essay her father acts as if he deserves

Essay title: Only Daughter by Sandra Cisneros

“Only Daughter,” by Sandra Cisneros, describes how a father has high expectations for his only daughter. Many times her father forgot to mention the only daughter he had. He refers to Cisneros as a son.

She describes how her father acts as if he deserves a medal. She felt like she didn’t exist. Her father expected his daughter to marry. The quote that catches my eye is when she says, “Being only a daughter for my father meant my destiny would lead me to become someone’s wife.

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” I think her father expects a lot from his daughter. And to me it seems like she’s not ready for marriage. Cisneros father tells his children to use their heads instead of their hands. She went to college and got an education. Her father though the idea would bring her closer to marriage. Later he criticized her and said it was a waste of time. She became a writer and tried to win her fathers approval. I think it’s important to Cisneros, because her father seems like a very big part of her life.

Her professional writing paid off. Her book was sold and published. Her father read her story. He asked if he could have more copies for the family and his daughter felt proud.

I think it’s good how her father is interested in her story. He turns put’s the television on mute and totally focuses on his daughter’s story. It shows that he cares. From the story you can tell Cisneros feels erased. Her father treats her different from the sons. He expects her marry and find her husband in college.

I can relate to this story, because.

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