Online-writing-5 pressure by living in the countryside

Online-writing-5 PsychologyNot only can we reduce our pressure by living in the countryside but living near the sea is more beneficial. In my vacation plans, I would like to choose the location where near the sea. In recent years, more and more people choose the coastal cities in the summer for travel. As we know, the price of the coastal house is higher than the land house, people prefer to live in the coastal cities. The sea gives me a sense of infinite, it keeps me calm and feels relaxed also bring many benefits to your body.

Nowadays, there are many people can’t stand with the high pressure from the life and work, the bad mental health is the important point of the reason. The Washington Post said” coastal living can improve mental health”, because the blue background can keep your mood calm. Many of researches did the research that the connection between the health and coastal living, people who live near the sea has better mental health than land people. (Newsela) For example, in my third year of middle school, we need to get the university entrance exam, at that time, we got the highest pressure in our study. How to adjust our pressure is a very important problem, even some people can’t sleep all night.

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Our teacher took us to the coastal and told us we need yell to the sea to reduce the pressure after we yell, we felt relaxed.On the other hand, living near the sea also can bring many benefits to our body, you can get a good sleep and many chances for exercise. Dr. Natasha Bijlani said” the fresh and higher levels oxygen is better for improve our sleep” As we know, the good sleep can bring us more energy in daily life, the coastal can provide us a good environment for sleeping, it is good for our health. Exercise in the sand will use more energy, if you keep exercise on the coast, you will get the better effect to keep fit and decrease the risk of heart disease.

In conclusion, people living near the sea not only reduce their pressure and change their mental health but get good sleeping environment and exercise. If you have a mental disease, stay near the sea can recover this symptom. When I earn more money in the future, I will choose the coastal house.


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