Online the other hand, the people who

Online shopping as an ample of advantages and benefits:-      People can shop atyour own convenience, its available online 24hours all days and additionallythey save your time and trace pass the crowd.-      People get betterdeals and offer that too directly form the manufacturer. However, as comparedto in-store shopping most of the brands has better deals online.

–      If they are lookingfor specific product online they can get best deal at one place for example:Slick deal – it searches all the deals from internet and bring the specificproduct to you with the best deal. The internet marketing has been increase due theinfluence of the advertisement from the family/friends and the companiesmarketing strategy. In the internet sales has doubles in just one year to45billion (Smith, A. D., & Rupp, W.

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T., 2003) iPod    –  Young and the old people tend to an iPod, thereason they tend to buy it: they are found of music, its portable andadditionally Apple has a best customer with long-lasting durability and becauseof its branding.   –  On the other hand, the people who don’t take iPodthe reason is pretty simple either they have iPhone or they are not found ofmusic. When iPad Mini was in market with a lower rate, people selected iPadMini over iPad touch. TGI Friday’s-      People who prefer TGIFriday’s is because of the happy hours deals, endless appetizers, its open till2:00pm, free refills on slushes.

–      People who don’t liketo go to TGI Friday’s is because of the food serve at the bar is too expensiveas compared to its quality, the bestselling beers has been cut down. The arrangementof the room is not acceptable- there are families with kids and the bar isplaced beside their tables in the dining area. They don’t have much ofvariety/innovation in their dishes.  The branding depends on the type of product I would liketo buy. If I would like to buy a Shoes I will look for all the athletic brandslikewise, if I want to eat food I will look for the quality.

For example: As I said, if I would like to buy shoes Iwould select the brand like Nike but if I want to buy a watch I will got forthe brand which are manufacturing watches since centuries.As per the Diniso, C., & Chuchu, T. research in 2017, theapparent similarity and the quality are not only related to brandingextensions.

It totally depends on the consumers attitude for the brands.


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