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This is the first book I have read on Investing, a friend of mine who is studying Finance recommended it to me. I have always found Investing and Finance interseting and inspiring, something I could see been engaged in in the future. But before reading this book I was completely unknowledgeable of the essence of Investments and Stockholding. I probably never attempted to read something specific about Investments, in parts because I was afraid that i would not be able to uderstand the sophisticated terms. I was waiting first to take some classes in my major and obtain the basic knowledge in order to be able to understand the terminology.

Now, after reading the book I see that my concerns were in vain. My initial expectations that reading such a book would be burdensome and boring, because of the simple fact that i am still a dilletant in this subject, proved to be completely wrong. After reading the book i can darely recommend it to everyone that is interested in investing, whether that is a student in Finance or an amateur wanting to try his luck on the stock market. 1.Bestseller.

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America's number one investment manager.2. This book is a must read because in first place it is easy to read. Once I started reading it I completely forgot the term time. It bears the features more of an entertaining novel then of a manual or a guide for investment.

The author gives very simple real life examples in his method to explain his points. Peter Lynch himself has aimed his book at the mediocre man and he not once asserts that the avarage investor is not less capable of picking winning stocks than the Wall Street professionals. For example if you observe one of the retail chain store at the mall is always crowded and people keep buying their products , or when your spouse or kids observe some things about some product or service, that often could lead to a great investment decision. Although, Peter Lynch makes it look very simple to invest.

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