One state. In case1, Mr. L thought he

One theory of delusion is the idea that gave them the life of wanted. Theory of mind delusions is interpreted as delusional disorders, which show the characteristics are consequences of the theory of mind mechanism and reflects social selection pressures that were important during human evolutionary. On the other words, this theory shows the consequence of the structure in humans of the technique for guess the consequences of other minds, and delusions may arise when there is a mistake in guessing another person’s mental state.

In case1, Mr. L thought he was that his movements and activities were being telecast live under the orders of Vice President of the Ruling party. He was feared that the same was being used to record his activities. Also, He thought that people in the neighborhood were speaking about him. This happend because of the wrong in guessing another person’s mental state. He was though they want to know about him because of the controversy, that happened on Election Day.

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