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One of the things I have always aspired to do in life is to help and make a difference in the lives of others.

To reach these people, I am applying for a course in social work as a stepping stone for my future career in this field. By qualifying as a social worker, I am confident that I can achieve these goals and be a supportive, as well as a caring member of the society. While growing up, I was always attracted to visiting children’s orphanage with the help of my aunt who was a permanent worker there. I was able to observe how social workers relate to children in the orphanage and gain insight into family and child social work activities.

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As a result, I always felt that these vulnerable children, just like any other person, should be given appropriate help and support in order to reach best possibles outcomes in their lives.I have researched and read various books to gain a general overview of what is entailed in a social work profession and as a result developed a deep sense of awareness that social work is a very broad field and has different pathways. Specifically, following the line of my aunt, topics I look forward to studying at university include child protection and the role of communication in social work. In pursuit of my dream to become a social worker, I have made an attempt to gain knowledge and information about the field, having enrolled for a childcare course in the recent past. I have completed a Level 3 childcare course which enabled me to gain aninsight on how social workers are important part of multidisciplinary team that is attracted to address the problems that exist in many families.

As part of the course requirement, I have volunteered in a local nursery and primary school.My role as a classroom assistant consisted of working in close partnership with teachers, parents and carers of children with special educational needs. It has taught me about the values of effective communication and team work as well as given me a taste of being in a position of responsibility. In addition, a childcare course helped me to enhance important skills such as good organisation and ability to work under pressure towards deadlines. These skills are invaluable to becoming an effective social worker.

Currently, I am volunteering in my local child contact centre. I am directly involved with parents and children using the service. Being a mother, I have been in a position to understand most of the problems that service users at the centre go through and have as such, developed a habit of ensuring that contact between parents and children is supported throughout the session and that children are safeguarded from harm.

 I believe that volunteering have played a major part in creating a strong desire in me to be a part of the social work practice. In most of my volunteering work, I have learnt a lot of transferable skills such as observation, active listening, empathy, ability to set boundaries and resilience. I am eager to improve these skills and use them in practice by joining a social work programme. To further my experience, I am scheduled to start to volunteer with an organisation that deals with supporting families and children with a disability.

I am looking forward to start this volunteering experience in order to gain a further insight into the role of social workers. Furthermore I am bilingual in Russian and English and feel that this can be a very valuable asset in a social work profession as our society becomes increasingly diverse. I hope that by having a relevant experience,determination and most importantly a strong desire to pursue a career in helping others, I have the potential to become a successful student of social work at your university.


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