One or buttermilk produced from sour cream

One of the most important leading countries in the manufacturing of dairy products is Egypt; such products are white soft cheese, which plays an important role in the Egyptian diet.

Many people eat white cheese with a certain amount of at least one meal a day. In Egypt the most popular and the oldest varieties consumed is Kariesh cheese (Abou-Donia, 2008), which contains most of the skim milk constituents including protein, a small amount of lactose, soluble vitamins, most of calcium and phosphorus (Abou-Donia, 1999). Kariesh cheese origin goes back to the Pharaonic period, it is a soft acid cheese made from skim buffalo’s milk, cow’s milk or buttermilk produced from sour cream (Todaro et al., 2013).

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In the past, Kariesh cheese was traditionally produced from milk by separation its cream layer by gravity force after a random fermentation. Recently separators were used to achieve the defatted milk. Then Kareish cheese made from buffalo’s skim milk, cow’s skim milk or a mixture of both by several manufacturing procedures; such as UF-skim milk retentate, certain bacterial cultures and enzymatic coagulation (Fayed et al., 2014). The quality and composition of Kariesh cheese may vary considerably due to such factors; quality and composition of the clotted skim milk, the method of manufacture, time required to complete the whey drain, the quality of salt added and the method of handling the finished cheese (Abou-Donia, 1999 and Todaro et al.

, 2013). Therefore, the aim of this study is to improve the properties of Kariesh cheese made from UF-skim milk by different means such as; using EPS-producing cultures separately or mixed with 2% WPC or WP of the retentate and studying their effect on microbiological, chemical, organoleptic and rheological properties compared to the conventional method of Kariesh cheese production.


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