One I have faced that molded me was

One of the hardest and biggest experiences I have faced that molded me was having to learn a different language. Arriving to the United States in 2009, at the age of 9, and not knowing or understanding English made it very difficult for me to adapt, as my peers, seeing that I did not speak English, mocked me and did not want to be friends with me for the simple fact of not knowing their language. In that precise moment, at my very young age, I decided to learn English in order to better myself and be able to finally have friends. Everyday after school I would go home and watch movies in English, making myself think I knew what they were saying and mocked the dialogue said by the characters.

Reading kindergarten/first grade books was also a very helpful way because I was able to learn the basics faster even though I was still in fourth grade. Speaking a second language opens up new social opportunities that allows you to communicate and connect with people from other countries who speak other languages. Having more knowledge and experience in the workplace and professional will give you a kind of passport to a new culture where you can get in touch with the traditions and rituals you would normally never see. Knowing how to communicate has given me the opportunity to contribute to my community as I have tried to keep myself prominent in education and sports in order to be an example to follow.

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I have been recognized in television for being an Outstanding Hispanic Student-Athlete, El Nacional, the local newspaper, being named “Estrella Estudiantil de la Semana” as well as radio station Tyler Media for receiving “Estudiante del Mes” , despite not having a legal status. My contribution to the community is to help them see that you can achieve what you propose as long as you are dedicated and disciplined to what you like. Being able to volunteer in places such as Jefferson Middle School, Santa Fe South Middle School, and the Police Athletic League Center. The changes your service could create is endless which is why it is very important for me to help and serve my community.Even though being bullied was not the most pleasant experience, I am thankful for it because this has helped me guide others through coaching, be in the top 3 of my graduating class as well as having amazing opportunities such as being featured on television and newspaper.

It is because of the worthless feeling I felt in fourth grade that lit a spark within me which pushed me to learn a second language


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