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One of the greatest known problems currently that are killing people, universally is smoking. In spite of broad knowledge of the health results, smoking is common throughout the world. The vast majority of youngsters start this habit due to stress, personal issues, depression, , boredom, and out of their interest. The present study aimed at highlight the purposes for smoking amongst the youth of age 18 to 25 years in Delhi.

A cross-sectional study was conducted on 70 college students to know their perspectives with respect to the reasons behind smoking habit. A questionnaire consisting demographic information, respondent smoking status, the reasons for starting and continuing smoking and awareness and opinion concerning smoking was used in the present study. Majority of the respondents were non-smokers 41 (58.57%) and 29 (41.42%) smokers.

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Among the respondents, 30(73.17%) reported having never tried or tested smoking and 11(26.82%) respondents tried smoking once or twice. The results showed that 31.03% smokers agreed that they started smoking out of their interest, 34.48% started because they are depressed,34.

28% smoked due to peer encouragement. The reasons given for continuing smoking were an addiction, popularity or fame, peer influence, depression, and pleasure. Every one of the respondents reported that they are aware of passive smoking and negative health impacts of smoking. 78.57% respondents mentioned that smoking should be prohibited.


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