One was telling me, I knew it

One of my most memorable days, Is the day I was in my first Car crush. That morning when I woke up I thought it was just going to be another ordinary Wednesday. I never thought something like that would happen to me. It’s been close to 4 years ago but yet it feels like it just recently happened.It was Wednesday June 18th 2014.

I got up that morning, and did my normal morning routine. Then me and my Mom went to clean a House. I had lunch with my Mom and my sisters that day, and after lunch we did some shopping. Everything was going as planned. Once we got done with the shopping, We decided to get some ice cream to go, and then we headed Home. That’s when the unexpected happened. There was a collision that happened right in front of me, I hit the brakes as fast as I could, and stopped just in time.

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But the person behind me hadn’t been paying that close attention, and struck my car in the back. I was shaking pretty bad, I wasn’t sure what to do. I kept on thinking it was my fault. I should have been able to do something to prevent it from happening.

If only we wouldn’t have gotten our ice cream to go, if we would’ve eaten it there first, then we wouldn’t have been there at that time and it wouldn’t have happened. but no matter what my mind was telling me, I knew it wasn’t going to change the situation.At the end of the day, after my sister got me to come down. I was still so thankful for the day.

Nobody got injured, so I knew it could have been way worse. My car got totaled that day, but a car is replaceable, someone’s life isn’t.


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