One managing them”, said Professor Mcinnis, who

One minute you are angry and the very next, smiling.

This happens to many, but does that truly mean they moody or bipolar? Being moody is not a condition and showing different emotions need not be always associated with mood swings; some may just have stronger emotions. The situation in which he/she reacts must also be taken into consideration before labelling the person ‘unpredictable’.When one feels deprived of the much-needed attention and love from the family members, they cocoon themselves in a shell, creating a shield around themselves. Such people are often subjected to depression.

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While being stressed and anxious could also be a factor leading to changeable moods, substance abuse and lack of sleep are other aspects which can affect the mood making him/her feel impulsive and irritated. Too much of anything and too less of anything could only cause harm. When a teenager prefers the video game over sleep and an alcoholic, his cocktail over food, they are making unhealthy choices which not only affects the body but has an impact on their mental well-being.Manic depression is usually linked with moodiness. People suffering from this condition are usually hyperactive and up most of the time.

They skip sleeping at times and have instant mood shifts, such as happy to elated to extremely sad. Bipolar disorder has a lot to teach humankind about other illnesses because it covers the extents of human mood, emotion and behaviour like no other condition. “What we can learn in bipolar about all these factors will be directly applicable to monitoring other disorders, and personalizing the approach to managing them”, said Professor Mcinnis, who teaches about Bipolar disorder at the University of Michigan Medical school. A research reveals that there can be seven explanations for developing the disorder. Most in the group with the condition share traumatic life experiences which act as a trigger, triggering their condition to react. The condition can be inherited from family members with a history of manic depression and is not restricted to traumatic experiences.Though the condition can’t be completely cured, it can be still be controlled to a certain degree. Listening to music, changing sleeping habits, indulging yourself in mild exercise, socializing, making friends, confiding in someone, finding an outlet, analyzing yourself are some ways the victim can keep the condition in check.

 Neglecting the symptoms might just worsen the condition. Consulting a doctor and following a proper medication is a very important step to be followed if this condition prevails for more than weeks.


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