Essay title: One Flew over the Cuckoos

Essay title: One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest Part 2

On the fishing trip that McMurphy planned twelve patients went.

Those patients were Martini, McMurphy, Bibbit, Bromden, Harding, Frederickson, Scanlon, Tadem, Sefelt, George, Gregory, and Dr. Spivey. By sitting back and allowing the others to handle the storm on their own, McMurphy helps them prove they are worth something to themselves. Just the way Jesus taught his disciples to be self-sufficient in preparation for his own death. When Billy Bibbit was caught by Nurse Ratched with candy the prostitute he blamed McMurphy for forcing him to do that because he was scared the nurse would tell his mother." What worries me, Billy,” she said I could hear the change in her voice-”is how your mother is going to take this.

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” (Kesey pg.301) ”Duh-duh-don’t t-tell, M-M-M-Miss Ratched. Duh-duh-duh–””Billy, I have to tell. I hate to believe you would behave like this, but, really, what else can I think? I find you alone, on a mattress, with this sort of woman.” ”No! I d-d-didn’t. I was–” (Kesey pg.301) “Billy this girl could not have pulled you in here forcibly.

” She shook her head. “Understand, I would like to believe something else–for your poor mother’s sake.” (pg.302) “She d-did.

” He looked around him. “And M-M-McMurphy! He did And Harding! And the-the-the rest! They t-t-teased me, called me things!” “They m-m-made me! Please, M-Miss Ratched, they may-may-May!” McMurphy.

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