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One of the biggest information based company in the world is Facebook, which is the reason I’ve chosen to research a IS position in this particular company. The position in question is titled as Data Center Operations Manager in Forest City, North Carolina. The minimum requirements for the position include a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in a technical area, but they would also consider comparable experience.

Being familiar with Linux and hardware systems support in an Internet operations environment, alongside experience with Python, SQL and/or shell scripting skills are also required. An understanding of both enterprise level networking and storage equipment installs is necessary. Facebook also requires skills in the communication field, as well as two or more years of experience in time and project management. Command of out-of-band or lights-out server communication methods, such as IPMI and serial console are prerequisites. Last but not least, you should be able to lift between twenty and thirty pounds of equipment daily. The job posting also states a couple of preferred qualifications for the job, which includes experience training and supervising other technicians.

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The other preferred qualifications involves a few years of experience around hardware that you would find in a large scale data center. Certification is not mentioned in the qualifications section, but I’m sure it would help.There are quite a few responsibilities involved with being a Data Center Operations Manager at Facebook. The first responsibilities being managing different projects throughout the data center, and also managing teams responsible for working with new infrastructures within the center. Server upgraders, rebuilds, and integration are a key part of the job. Identifying and removing problems/errors from the network, hardware, and dealing with other Linux OS issues are some of the other duties. In this role, you have to identify and create documents for the global DC knowledge base, and you’re also expected to be open to supporting all DC teams in order to reduce potential risks in future projects.

Analyzing data to look for trends and potential systematic issues is another task linked to the position. Commanding tools that could help with the deployment and decommissioning of server hardware is a task as well. The Data Center Operations Manager is responsible for striving to improve processes, and keep up with the best practices when it comes to data centers. There’s a lot to this position in terms of qualifications as well as responsibilities, and it’s pretty obvious that it’s an important job.Data Center Operations Manager (Sustaining). (n.

d.). Retrieved January 21, 2018, from


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