Once wrinkles, sometimes mystery could be seen upon

Once upon a time four friends decided to go for picnic in a jeep. There were three boys and a girl. They spent the whole day happily, but at night when they were crossing the spooky road in a jeep; it was scary night of cold and stormy weather, spanking wind was going on, that road was very horrible as there was no one around it. Due to heavy wind the trees on the road were toppling fast. At the same time the heavy rainfall started, jeep trembled under the force of storm.

Suddenly the jeep stopped moving. A guy came out to see why the jeep was not starting? Suddenly the storm produced another earth shattering crack; storm seemed to be collecting more and more energy by every minute passing away. Due to heavy rainfall they decided to spent the whole night there as they knew there won’t be any mechanic at that time, then they crossed the lines of trees in search of shelter.

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Immediately they saw a house and all decided to take rest in that house. The cold air enveloped the entire body. The multiple layer of coating could not protect against the deathly weather.

Weeds and dandelions poked out from those cracks, Red roses were grown widely in thick batches by the gate. The moonlight cast the glows’ in the house, then suddenly the old man arrives with a large beard, he was wrapped in brown shawl, having a long bamboo in his hands, face full of wrinkles, sometimes mystery could be seen upon him. He asked them ‘not to go in that house as it is haunted’.”Whoever goes inside this house never came back!”That girl got frightened, but the boys laughed at that old man and insisted the old man to tell them the reason for forbidding them to go inside that house but he vanished in a fraction of seconds. The boys denying the girl and the old man and entered in the house. They opened the door and the door opened while making a cracky sound. A musty, dank order creep in their nose. The house was dead silence drops for the intermittent creaks and moans.

Black and brown the mold dotted the ceiling in cluster, evident of rain seeping through the roof. They quietly entered the dark living room, windows covered with grime and dirt. Sharp shadows roamed around the room. The sofa and chairs overturned revealing deep grooves on the ground where they used to sit. Wallpaper was curled on the floor. Glancing around nervously, they saw somber portraits staring as they form behind layers of dust. The rocking chair that was kept, suddenly began to move in back and forth manner. The girl scared that how rocking chair moves by itself? One of her friend move towards the chair, as he took one step towards the chair; it immediately ceased it’s movement.

He stopped in this track stood absolutely still and switch on his torch to saw what’s beneath the chair. Suddenly a rat ran from there and those boys laughed to take that thing lightly. They all again went to their rooms to take some rest till morning. It was around 3:00 AM girl woke up to hearing a knock on glass. At first she thought it was the window but soon she realized that it was coming from mirror. It was from that old giant mirror. She freaked out; walking slowly towards mirror and saw the most prominent crack on the mirror starting pouring blood and heard sound of shouting as someone was crying and was in deep sort of pain. She also saw reflection of burnt face of girl.

She screamed aloud!! her screamed awoke her friends and they quickly ran to other room and saw that the girl was burnt and died, then all the boys ran away and left that house. After reached to some distance they saw that old man again; they asked the reason from him that why was he saying to not to go to that house, he told: ’40-50 years ago a film shooting was going in this house, an actress full of beauty and arrogance as she was doing her makeup it started burning her face. Basically, it was a revenge taken by her co-actress that she mixed some acid with her cream that, actress threw that cream on mirror and a piece of mirror broke and felt a part of it and cut her hand with that piece of that mirror, bleeding to death’ “Spirit of that murdered actress rest in that mirror reason for all that culprit”


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