Once company. Whether it be study groups

Once I took the Personality Assessment, I was given the personality type ENTP, or better known as the visionary. ENTPs are more extraverted and energetic individuals that focus on big picture ideas rather than looking down at every detail. This personality is person that would be spontaneous, yet at the same time make decisions because of common sense.

The name visionary is attached to ENTPs because they are innovative thinkers. This personality goes well with my career choice as Biomedical engineers have to be innovative when developing new ideas. More specifically ENTP stands for extraverted, iNtuitive, thinking, and perceiving. An extraverted person gains energy by being around other people. I am an extravert as I enjoy other people’s presence and I feel I get more accomplished with company. Whether it be study groups or just spending time with my family, I always feel more energetic and happier.

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I would also consider myself an intuitive person since I like to focus on the big picture and not get caught up on details. I like to focus on what I can great thigs I can accomplish instead of being negative. The thinking part of ENTP refers to a person who makes decisions based on logic and reason. I consider myself a reasonable person that likes to look at what is a logical choice when it comes to decision making. A perceiving person prefers to be spontaneous and flexible instead of being planned and organized.

For the most part I am a spontaneous person that likes to take risks and live in the moment, but I am I mother so nowadays I must be more perceptive and think about my children. Right away I knew the personality I was given corresponded with my career choice. I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering which means that I would be developing new systems and biomedical equipment. This career matches my ENTPS personality as I need to be an innovator to develop new equipment and biomedical systems. ENTPs are described as innovators who find new solutions to intellectually challenging problems. To be a biomedical engineer I must be an innovator, thinking of new solutions and ideas to advance clinical problems.

Biomedical engineers also must work with people like doctors to therapists. The extraverted personality matches perfectly with this portion of the job as I would have to converse with others and be more energized. Taking this personality assessment gave me more confidence that I can become a Biomedical engineer.

With being an ENTP I have the natural personality of a person that can succeed in this line of job. My innovative ways and extraverted personality will help me in developing new equipment and helping solve clinical problems.


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