On B. Bautista the school principal said that

On the second day, Mrs. Vivian G.

Pingad, Master Teacher I presented her topic CONTEXT AND INTERVENTION, she explained the purpose of a research study and providing a compelling rationale is an important part of any action research, she also cite some sample of reliable data that can be use for the study some are: school data which indicates the performance indicators, classroom data – class record, grade sheet etc. and student data includes individual student profile. Citing some of it, some teachers share their hard experience about the performance of the pupils who has learning disabilities. Mrs. Helen B.

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Bautista the school principal said that list down the pupils with disabilities make a report and conduct action research. The speaker also mentions some Intervention, innovation and strategy: technology –based cognitive motivational approach, strategic intervention materials, individualized instruction/tutorial, virtual experiments, computer assisted instruction/digital learning, life skills approach and spiral progression approach. She emphasize that the data should not manipulated so that you can have a reliable results.The next topic is Action Research Methods by Mr. Locardo O.

Magdaraog Jr, MT II his topic focus on the step by step in making of action research first is problem identification next is planning, execution of the plan, analysis of data, implementation of the formulated plan and evaluates results. He also discussed that Action Research Methods are designed to diagnose problems or weaknesses—whether organizational, academic, or instructional—and help us educators develop practical solutions to address them quickly and efficiently. at the end of his topic he leave a quote “knowledge is always gained through action”. The third discussant is Mrs. Irene G.

Tesoro MT I, she tackled the Sampling Techniques and Procedures. She introduced the two session objective: first is present and describe different types of sampling techniques and the second is illustrate sampling techniques in different cases. According to the report A data sample is a set of data collected from a statistical population by a defined procedure. In her report she also gives some sample of sampling techniques some are: Sampling distribution techniques, lottery method/ fishbowl technique, convenience/ availability, purposive sampling. She also shows how to draw a conclusion about populations from samples, we must use inferential statistics which enables us to determine a population`s characteristics by directly observing only a portion or sample of the population.

Sources of Data and Data Gathering Procedures discussed by Mrs. Marilyn Q. Achivar, MT II she talked the three E’s of sources of data, first is Experiencing, second is Enquiring and the third is Examining. She also shows a sample rating scale to be used by individual to evaluate or assess attributes or characteristics. It is usually a five point scale that links the options from poor to excellent. It is through data collection that an action research has the quality information they need to make informed decisions from further analysis, and study.

Without data collection, research would stumble around in the dark using outdated methods. Ethical Issues and Considerations Speaker: Fatima M. De Torres, MT II Mrs. De Torres reminded us that the major ethical issues in conducting research are: a) Informed consent, b) Beneficence- Do not harm c) Respect for anonymity and confidentiality d) Respect for privacy. Review of Related Literature and Studies discussed by Mrs. JoAnne M.

Evangelista, English V Teacher. She Mrs. Evangelista said that it is important for a researcher to have a comprehensive and relevant body of supporting materials to his research work. …


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