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On the execution day, Padre Burgos was crying out loud and saying he is innocent. Padre Gomez was just quiet and praying. He already accepted his death if it is the will of the God for him. And Padre Zamora has already lost his mind, it is as if his soul already left his body.

They were executed by garrote by the Spaniards because of treason. Because of the death of this three priest, Jose Rizal dedicated his novel Noli Me Tangere to them. The Spanish courses were tech courses, liberal arts, medical courses, surveying courses, vocational courses. Beside Christian doctrine, they have Spanish, Greek, Latin, and French, history, biology, chemistry, and many more.

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The Spanish curriculum of Jose Rizal’s time was tougher than the present, they have radio studiorum which is the world’s most thorough and gripping system of indoctrination. Only few students have taken this curriculum. Donya Teodora’s favorite brother Jose Alberto returned home from Europe. He found out that his wife, Teodora Formosa, had another man and she neglected their children. Jose Alberto planned to divorce his wife but Donya Teodora encouraged Jose Alberto not to. One day, Teodora Formosa sued Jose Alberto and also accused Donya Teodora as an accomplice for poisoning.

But the truth is Donya Teodora served the food to Formosa but she refused to eat it. Instead, Teodora Formosa fed it to her dog and the dog died after eating the food. That’s why Donya Teodora was imprisoned for more than 2 years.


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