On the basis of the above diagram (Australian Bureau of Statistics) in the last few years it can be seen that Australia has attracted many tourists. In terms of tourists the numbers have gone up especially tourists coming from China, New-Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States of America. Moving on to students when it comes to education Australia is considered the best country which has excellent education standards for all the students around the world.

The government have also made the visa application forms much easier and based on that they attract a large number of students coming for further education to Australia. Example of such Australian Universities are Australian National University, University of Canberra, University of Melbourne, and RMIT University. Australia has also seen a rapid increase in business travellers/ government delegates.

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Australia have had a rapid increase in terms of foreign investors seeking for quality assets and similarly on the other hand Chinese investors are therefore looking for long term generational wealth income. On an average the general demographic that are fascinated by the hotel industry are usually within the age of mid 20’s to mid-50 which includes couples, young adults, corporate clients, families. http://www.tourism.australia.com/en/markets-and-research/market-regions.html


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