When between the two is the caliber.

When it comes to guns, there are some major differences that are taken into consideration when grouping them into categories. Handguns are smaller, cancelable weapons, while Riffles are larger, non-cancelable weapons. When looking at a handgun (or pistol), it is small, can fit into your hand and some models are able to add a silencer to it. There are two main types of handguns. The first is a revolver, and then you have an automatic. A revolver can hold anywhere from 5 to 6 rounds, while a semi-automatic can hold 5 to13 rounds.

A round is one bullet and its casing. When looking at the differences of the riffle and handgun, the first thing that you see different is the size and the barrel lengths. A handgun has a barrel length anywhere form 2-6 in. while a riffle has anywhere from 18-30 in.

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length. Riffles have two different categories that they are put into, Boltaction and Semi-automatic. Both types of guns hold 4-8 rounds and are composed of the same material. There are only two differences between the two, bolt action has a lever that you have to pump in order to fire the bullet and in a semi-automatic, you just have to pull the trigger.

The other difference between the two is the caliber. Caliber is the size of the actual bullet. In Bolt action, the caliber can be anywhere from 22-45/70 while a semi-automatic can have 22-30/60. Different companies make different types of guns.

There are some main makers that make a variety of different types. Colt is a larger companies that makes revolvers and semi-automatic handguns, bolt action and semi-automatic riffles. They also make different types of assault and military weapons.

Another big company is Remmington. They focus mostly on riffles, shotguns and assault weapons. Remmington had come out with the Sufarrie special and also the plainsman in the riffle category. One of the major differences between handguns and riffles are the concealability of the weapon. That dictate what weapon.

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