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On one hand, cooking has been my hobby and also a talent since I was a little girl. From time to time, that hobby became a driving force for me to try new dishes from all over the world and master their recipes. On the other hand, I am very good at chemistry.

When I was at secondary school, I discovered that chemistry was my favorite subject because it was so interesting that I dived into studying it and found myself doing really great. As a consequence, I decided to become a chemical engineering student in my under graduate education. When it came to the most important decision of my life: “what will be my major?”, I thought ” why not combining my two most favorite things in the world: food and chemistry?” Therefore, I was so delightful to find out that Food technology was the perfect major that I had been looking for.At the moment, my biggest goal is becoming a food technologist, especially a product developer. This is because I am a creative person, I would like to create my own products using my knowledge in food safety, sensory analysis, food law, quality control, food chemistry, processing, packaging and so on.

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In ten-year time, I want to see myself working in a multinational company and to be recognized as a team leader who can get the best out of my subordinates in the workplace and increase profits for my company. In order to achieve this, a career orientation is drawn.My career planning process consists of three steps. First of all, after finishing my undergraduate education, I will pursue higher education abroad. Nowadays, bachelor’s degree is not competitive enough for job seekers.

Therefore, post graduate education not only equip me with deeper and broader knowledge, but also make it easier for me to get hired. Moreover, studying overseas gives me the opportunity to be exposed to more advanced technology in my major. The master degree will probably take me three years to complete. In the second step of my process, I am planning to apply for a two-year internship program. Todays as most of the employers are concerned with not only one’s qualifications but also job experience. I consider internship as an effective way for me to get my hands-on work experience that I need to secure a job and provides me with the chance to develop the essential skills which I cannot get in my classroom.

Finally, having fully equipped, I believe that I can get a job as a product developer without finding any difficulty. The last five years of my plan is the time for me to work as hard as I can with my passion and prove that I deserve to be the leader and to be the person that I have been dreaming of.


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