On Graham Bell followed in their footsteps and

On March 3, 1847 Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland. He was a scientist, inventor, engineer, and innovator. He is credited with inventing and patenting the first practical telephone. He is best known for this invention after receiving his first patent in 1876.

Despite his accomplishments as an inventor, Alexander saw himself first as a teacher of the deaf. He was not the best student in school, but he had a real talent for problem solving and was very creative. When he was younger, he invented a farming device that quickly separated the husks from wheat grain. After being home schooled and attending private school for a year, Bell went on to the Royal High School at Edinburgh but eventually dropped out because he didn’t enjoy the classroom setting. Alexander did not have a well-built relationship with his father.

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However, he was heavily influenced by him and his grandfather, both who devoted their careers to inventing devices to help the deaf. Alexander Graham Bell followed in their footsteps and became a teacher for the deaf. While a teacher, Bell was asked by a group of investors to help perfect the harmonic telegraph. However, Bell wanted to work on a voice transmitting device, which he would later call the telephone. After some discussions, the investors allowed Bell to work on both projects.

After continuous years of difficult work alexander finally perfected the telephone on March 10, 1876. He then began work on a device that would allow for the telegraph transmission of several messages set to different frequencies. His invention allowed people to communicate easier over great distances rather than by mail or telegram. He did not know the extent to which his invention would revolutionize society for centuries to come. Alexander Graham Bell had a restless mind.

Alexander Graham Bell had a brilliant mind and wanted to continue inventing even through the telephone gave him wealthy and made him famous.


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