On led by the spanish conquistador Cabeza de

On 1527, 600 settlers sailed to the Americas to set up provinces on the Northern shores of Mexico.

The expedition was led by the spanish conquistador Cabeza de Vaca. There was much hope in residing in this fruitful land but the trip did not go as arranged the expedition suffered greatly and all but 3 men and Cabeza survived.In the wake of living among the local Native Americans for a 6 years, and 2 years as a slave Cabeza de Vaca and the three survivors traveled west and afterward south to Mexico City, wanting to restore contact with their compatriots. When examining the journey of Cabeza de Vaca there are different arguments on how he survived.

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Native Americans had land that was organized into dozens of groups, spoke more than half a dozen different languages, had diverse belief systems, and lived in homelands with distinctive food resources than Europe. Cabeza de Vaca survived by having notable military experience() having the ability to heal Native Americans and his ability of building relations.


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