Of about the place of their living.

Of all the other forms of art, architecture has theunique feature of being directly associated with mankind. Through to Anderson’seffort architecture as a “Mother of art” design the global referring to thehuman culture, socialization, religious and history to generate the new image.Over the centuries, the development of architecture has been based on the mostpart on the things that are most peculiar themes in fashion at the time. In themedieval times, religion was the aspect that dominated the world and buildingsthen represented the religious aspects, socio-cultural, political and otheraspects of society.

After the Renaissance, there was a change of mentalityregarding architecture. Society was being transformed and instead of only theformer gothic replication of architecture, incorporating the novelist lifestyle was the main objective to innovate architecture. Technology used todesign buildings represented not only the lifestyle of the people, butincorporated also their religious affiliations, cultural background, historyand other aspects of life. A mentality change of human to include simplicity inarchitecture was one main characteristic found in building at that time.Buildingssuch as villa Savoye by Le Corbusier was common. The villa Savoye produces anew vision of living.

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It allows to the human think differently about the placeof their living. Try to create the world is the distinctive purpose of it todemonstrate ‘the world’ does not arrange. The new image of creating anenvironment is the particular consequence of the Vila Savoye. Culture andhistory played little role in the design of building.

One building could be indifferent places showing that a sense of place was meaningless in thattime.  As technology and money broughtpower to many nations, high rise buildings and sky scrapers were built to showpower. This evolved and brought about a rebirth of iconic buildings. Architectureis incorporated into human life in the form of an iconic building because itradiates special characteristics of the place and represents some uniquefeatures of its environment. Therefore iconic buildings integrate anextraordinary relationship with the place and humanity.

A good example for aniconic building that created a new image and represents its environment is theGuggenheim Museum in Bilbao, which brought urban regeneration and economicstability to a formerly unpopular Bilbao.


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