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Summer reading assignment                                         Of Mice and Men        Solecism is an author’s use of incorrect speech and/or grammar to create a stylistic effect. John Steinbeck’s use of solecism and other literary devices throughout Of Mice and Men helps portray the impossibility of the American dream, through character Lennie.  Lennie and George both stick together finding work, and making ends meet. George lives as Lennie’s caretaker and emotional support, due to Lennie’s childish manner.  After a couple of days working at a new job puppies are born, and put in a barn. Lennie loved petting the dogs until he accidently kills one of the dogs with his strength, that  is completely unknown to him.

Lennie states “now maybe George ain’t gonna let me tend no rabbits, if he fin’s out you got killed” (pg.85) Lennie begins to worry once he realizes what he has done, and the consequences of his actions. Lennie comes to the relization he may not have the future George premised him if they loose another job, and Lennies American dream would not be fulfilled. Steinbeck purposely uses incorrect speech to depict lennie’s natural language. As time progresses Lennie begins to stroke the dog once more sorrowfully. “George always knows. He’ll say, ‘you done it.

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Dont try to put nothing over on me.’ An’ he’ll say, ‘Now jus for that you don’t get to tend no rabbits’” (85) Steinbeck has Lennie speak allowed to himself to show his childish demeanor with use of diction. Not many adults would speak outloud to themselves, yet with diction Lennies character can be fully shown in a way he would speak. Lennie finally throws the puppy and begins to rock himself back and forth.

Steinbeck reveals the impossibility of the American dream using Diction, and Solecism in his novel Of Mice and Men.

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