Essay with Crooks and Curley’s wife. Many times

Essay title: Of Mice and Men: My Ending

Crooks and Curley’s wife both receive a paramount amount of isolation. Many people are unable to cope with this. Few people are able to cope with this type of loneliness in a healthy way.

That is why there are so many problems as it is with Crooks and Curley’s wife. Many times a person does “weird” things in order to get attention, or to make the feelings of seclusion recede for a while. I plan to open your mind to some of the ideas of why our characters, Crooks and Curley’s wife, act the way they do. Crooks is a victim of a different types of loneliness. Crooks, does not ask to be isolated from everyone. It is simply because he is a black man.

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That is the reason he is isolated and rarely spoken too. Back in those days people of different races did not associate as they do now. After a while, Crooks gets accustomed to the loneliness he receives on the farm but never learns to live with it.

To accept loneliness is to give up. I believe that deep down inside Crooks always hopes that someone will come and talk to him, just because they want his camaraderie. He forces himself to believe that eventually someone will come, that helps him get through some of his toughest times.

Not because they (that person) want him to do something. I think when Lennie comes to Crooks’ room and talks with him it heals a part of Crooks that has been scarred. Just by Lennie being there it lets Crooks knows there is still hope. When Lennie first comes Crooks says, “You got no right to come in my room. Nobody got no right but me.

I ain’t wanted. Crooks says this to Lennie at first because I think he has to admit to himself that this no longer applies. That eventually he will be able to have a friendship with someone. That someone is Lennie.

Curley’s wife starts off with many problems. As Curley’s wife states earlier in the novel, “Sure I gotta husband.” Spend’s all his time sayin what he’s gonna do to guy’s he don’t like. Think I am going to stay in that 2 x 4 house!I think her husband Curley does not satisfy her needs.

As a person I do not think they are compatible. They probably both jumped at the opportunity for to marry a person they thought they were in love with. Once they were married they realized how incompatible they were together. Curley is so restrictive on his wife, and for good reason. Curley repudiates letting his wife going out of their house on the ranch. He probably does this because he does not fully trust his wife around all the men on the ranch.

Curley’s wife has no intention of remaining faithful and neither does he. It was a mistake for him to.

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