George pictures which stood for words (Mesopotamia:

George and Lennie are traveling together. Lennie is mentally unstable, and gets himself and George into a lot of trouble.

They get kicked out of many jobs, before they end up at a farm. Lennie kills animals, and they end up getting in trouble. Lennie and George flee, where Lennie is shot in the head. The moral of the story is to never shoot people who are retarded. I am am making this paper so I can join your gay website. All I need is one paper on Great expectations.

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Think about what life would be like without a basic writing system. People would have communication problems; there would be no mail; there would virtually be nothing written. Writing is a very essential part of people’s lives today. It is taken for granted, and many people do not even know where it came from. Such writings as Cuneiform, Aramaic, and hieroglyphics from Ancient Civilizations are partially understood and are still being analyzed today (“Cuneiform Writing System.

”)Cuneiform writing influenced many different writing styles around the world. During the 4th Millennium B.C., a new writing system was invented. The system consisted of about 600 characters, and was composed of pictures which stood for words (Mesopotamia: The Mighty Kings 13.

) This writing system was called Cuneiform. Cuneiform, still today, is the earliest discovered proof of writing (Mesopotamia: The Mighty Kings 13.) Cuneiform was developed in the Middle East, around 3200 B.C., and the origin of it is just now fully being understood today (“Cuneiform Writing System.

”) The uses of Cuneiform vary greatly. Many people believe that the system was used for administrative purposes, while others say regular mail. Cuneiform was also used for record keeping of major events, and farmers kept tallies of their cattle to keep count. However, Cuneiform was not a language. It was more like a system based.

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