of are still equipping deaf children. Deaf

of feels come up while watching the film. I was mad when I saw what the deaf people had to go through, sad watching what the children had to endure at school and happy when Deaf President Now happened. People in the deaf community had to strive for everything over several years, and even today.

I do believe there is still discrimination and oppression still today, especially in areas where there not many people who are deaf. In conclusion, deafness and acceptance of deaf people have evolved over the years. The film brings history of how the deaf community to the front position and that deafness is much more than just learning another mode of communication. The Deaf community is a culture of its own and wanting the same things and accomplishing their goals. Educating deaf children has significantly changed with the acceptance of sign language, even though there are some oral schools that are still equipping deaf children. Deaf people have achieved and overcame so many obstacles within their society and the “hearing world.” Being a student, I get to see and study how prevailing this culture is.

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