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Of course, not every student is from high-earning income family.

If we allow students to wear what they want, this would make students be discriminated instead of everyone playing together and working as a team. On the other hand, this could increase the peer pressure of a student and competition between students; Introduction of school uniform actually hide the individuality. Therefore, wearing school uniforms bring an equality among students, regardless of social discrimination.It is true that a lot of parents has been complaining that their children spend too much time choosing what-to-wear to school. In addition, if the uniform is made a mandatory, it can improve the attendance of a student, because which, uniform, is really comfortable to wear. Though, this is mostly focused on girls as they consume more time to choose what to wear before leaving off to school since uniform is comfortable and easy to wash.

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Therefore, shouldn’t we make uniforms mandatory just because it is comfortable and time-consuming?


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