observations can see the specific child and

observations are very important when planning for children’s individual needs, because from observation we can see the specific child and will enable me as a practitioner to plan activities that will enable him to develop the skills that the child need to improve them or to deal with the situation that is bothering him or to implement new routines or experiences. If the child was left unobserved this can have an impact on the child’s holistic development.Observation play a crucial role in providing early intervention for children, an intervention means that I as a practitioner I must get involved with the child and the family to deal with any issues that may have been identified during the observation. Depending on the situation, other professional from outside the setting may be involved.

In my setting when observing children as a practitioner I must review the environment if it is safe for children, or if it is working for the children like using it or if there is enough space for children to play or if there are enough resources for children to play. As a practitioner in my setting I must observe children during a transition and I must use the observation to identify any specific situations that the child may find it difficult, and from this we can build up a picture of the child’s needs and find ways to support the child during transition. Observations will support the learning and development of all children, and they can be used for a range of reasons.Working in partnership with others will support the individual needs of the child, and as a practitioner we may have the chance to work with other professionals from outside the setting, this will help me to observe how other deal with a situation or if the suggested action plan has had the desired effect, or to observe from different points of view from a different practitioner or professional view.

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