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What kind of communication flow is Lisa practicing? Is it effective? Recording from the case study, we believe that Lisa is practicing the downward communication flow. It appears that Lisa is only giving order towards her subordinates which are her operators and they are not even yielded a probability to talk back shows that it is a one way communication and it is moving down.From the case study, that style of communication does not seem to be effective because it has created dissatisfaction with her operators and that resulted with Seen Chi and Mouth to excuse themselves from work for several days and thus failing to achieve her target. 2. What are your observations with regard to the communication barriers faced by Lisa with her operators?First Of all, from what we observed, it is clear that Lisa does not care about her operators’ feeling, thought and opinion. She is ignoring their rights as a human being when she said that they have to fulfill their daily target goal regardless of any troubles they are experiencing.

She created the barriers herself by doing so. 3. Would Lisa benefit from open communication? How?We believe that Lisa would really benefit from open communication because in doing so, the operators can say what is on their mind and Lisa would reconsider her order and become more lenient and understanding and thus will avoid upsetting the operators.

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Us Mary After going through the chapter and the case study, it seems that Lisa should really change her approach and way of communication since the one that she s currently using does not benefit her and her company.Different individuals requires different kind of technique in order to communicate effectively with them because there are barriers or differences that could create barriers and thus miscommunication and miscommunication can lead to losses for an organization. The example is just as how it happened with Lisa and the operators with Seen Chi and Mouth being absent for days without acceptable reasons. It is important for a manager to know how to communicate effectively with his or her subordinates.

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