Nursing healthcare professionals and the shortage will affect

Nursing ShortageNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Nursing ShortageWhat Is The Impact To The Nursing Profession And To The Public Related To The Projected Nursing Shortage? Discuss At Least One Way That the Nursing Profession Is Working Toward a Resolution of This ProblemThe projected nursing shortage will have a negative effect to the nursing profession and the goals of the nursing industry (Howard & Papa, 2012). This is because nurses form the largest percentage workforce of the healthcare professionals and the shortage will affect the entire industry.

The nursing shortage will affect the care of patients in all healthcare facilities since nurses play a crucial role in caring for patients admitted in hospitals (Howard & Papa, 2012). Nurses provide healthcare services to patients and interact directly with the patients ensuring that their health status improve before they are discharged from the hospital. A nurse shortage will mean that there are no enough nurses required to address the rising number of patients in all healthcare facilities (Howard & Papa, 2012). Some of the healthcare programs will be stopped due to an insufficient number of nurses required to administer the programs. There will also be delayed admissions and poor services due to overworking of the available nurses (Howard & Papa, 2012). Since patients cannot be turned away from healthcare facilities, the available nurses will have to over work to address the rising demand for healthcare services, which may lower the quality of healthcare services (Howard & Papa, 2012).

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Poor healthcare services will result in unachieved healthcare goals negatively impacting the nursing profession and the public. Overworking the current nurses may lead to large turnovers which may worsen the situation more. Nurses may find better opportunities in the private sector or in other professions, which will negatively affect the profession more (Howard & Papa, 2012). The nursing profession is working towards a resolution of this problem by using professional organizations to advocate on nursing reforms, which include hiring more nurses in order to replace the retired nurses, which have also contributed to the nursing shortage crisis (Matthews, 2012).

Due to the job opportunities provided by healthcare facilities, more students are taking up nursing courses with the government removing barriers, which were there before restricting students from undertaking the course (Matthews, 2012). Some of these barriers included accreditation of graduates who have just completed college studies which the government has implemented an easier and less complicated process to ensure more students choose the nursing career to provide more nurses to fill the empty positions (Matthews, 2012).ReferencesHoward, P.

, & Papa, A. (2012). Emergency Nursing Advocacy: Future-of-Nursing Report: The Impact on Emergency Nursing. Journal of Emergency Nursing, 38(6), 549-552.Matthews, J.

H. (2012). Role of Professional Organizations in Advocating for the Nursing Profession. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 17(1), 3.


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