Nursing help, but nurses still continue to offer

Nursing is not always having the greatest days, in fact, it rarely is from what I have witnessed.

Nurses are the ones given the task of caring for individuals at their most vulnerable and patients are not always grateful for the help, but nurses still continue to offer the skills, passion, and time to these total strangers. You deal with many aspects of patient care, and you are enabled to enjoy the variety of a non-traditional routine as nurses. Why choose a career that always gives, gives, gives and so very rarely take? Why become a nurse? Passion, purpose, a higher calling, and the love to help others.

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At least this is why I wat to become a nurse. I know nurses are part of something so much bigger than themselves. For this reason, they do and will continue to put their hearts out there.

They play a role in the healing of a human life with the hope and meaning. In spite of being verbally disrespected and demeaned they withstand. They will go on with their shifts and return the next day ready for more.

Nurses will put on a smile on and continue carrying out the beautiful, incredible work they do. Because at the end of the day it is not about them, but the lives that have been touched and cared for.It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together. Nursing is an emotionally fulfilling and rewarding career. As a nurse, I will learn new things every day, and the opportunity for growth is limitless. This passion for science and learning was discovered when I took a receptionist job at a dialysis facility due to not finding a job in my degrees field which is hospitality and specifically event management.

The most I embedded myself in this world I realized this was the path I wanted to take. That inspired me to change my career and go into nursing. I envision nursing with a purpose, have the opportunity to make it better for patients and their families.

Being able to comfort and try to ease off their physical pain as well. My specialty of nursing that I want to go in to will be that of Cardiology Pediatric Nursing, or Labor and Delivery to obtain the CCNA certification and become a CRNA. I find it fascinating to be able to keep learning both intellectually and personally in this career. Going back to how it came about me wanting to pursue nursing.

At that time I was at a rocky situation with student loans kicking in and I unable to land a full-time job within my field after many long application process. I was feeling hopeless and lost and I had no clue where my life was heading towards. After taking this current job I hold at the dialysis facility I refocused my passion and focus to come about nursing. At first when my supervisor mentioned nursing I resisted the idea.

It had never crossed my mind to go into the healthcare field at all. I thought it would be too long of schooling, I was not smart enough, that it would be a lot of work. However, the more I researched and learned about the profession, the less I could deny this was something I wanted to become. It was several hours of research on schools and the career itself, I then set my visions on this particular program and I am devoted to becoming the best possible nurse. I know it will challenging but I am ready to take it on and not stop there but to keep going. In this career I like the fact that I will be able to help others.

Over the years, I have learned that helping others brings happiness to my life. Nursing is a profession that is challenging, interesting, and makes a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis. As part of a youth group I have witnessed what a small gesture can do in others and I enjoy lending a helping hand in the community.

Nursing is a field that while serving people it allows you to grow both professionally and personally. It brings struggles and opportunities that constantly challenge you to be the best you can be.


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