Nursing PDAs, IPad and today’s cell phone, began

Nursing informatics is the discipline that links nursing, information technology and information expertise; has been called as a basic competence for health professionals in common and nurses in particular, its purpose is to understand the data to convert it into information, understand the information to renovate it into knowledge, and that this, through experience, transform into wisdom. The spirit of nursing is considerate, this requires nurses skilled of thinking critically, and who possess talents in the management of technology without dehumanizing their actions, skills that must be achieved during the university study of the profession.
Little by little, technology has developed from the basements of hospitals to the nursing units. Thus computers, PDAs, IPad and today’s cell phone, began to replace paper slowly but surely during the last 50 years. During this period, nurses have backed to the achievement, tactic and implementation of these technologies. Early in the 80s and due to technical development achieved a new discipline, computer science in nursing.
The relevance of the nurse in informatics as a field of study lies in the need to document and communicate care to ensure continuity and quality without interruption, and to keep up to date we must implement all the tools we have at our disposal, in terms of technology We must always preserve in constant regeneration and study, every day new advances are appearing and we must study and become familiar with all of them to walk hand in hand with these technological improvements and thus ensure that we keep up with the technologies that are emerging.

Nurses must remain stimulated, and continue to train us continuously to acquire certain competencies that will allow us to keep updated in the new technologies that emerge. New competences must be acquired, such as: capacity for critical analysis of practice, association of scientific findings with practice , find research foci in problems or situations of practice, and increase knowledge in research methodology and the ability to implement and evaluate changes. These skills are difficult to find in a single person, so nurses with skills and research training should work in combination with clinical nurses, to increase the chances of success in the application of the evidence.
In nursing informatics, the significance of managing statistics and evidence is crucial to caring for individuals within the health system, as long as the computer systems reproduce the workflow with an satisfactory clinical model. The essence of nursing is caring, this needs nurses talented of thinking critically, who have skills in the organization of technology without dehumanizing their actions, skills that must be accomplished in the university study of the profession

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