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More investigative studies are needed to test the variation of tissue tolerance during prolonged surgery I chose this article based on its relevance to my epic and the highlights on new measures that use technology to measure the temperature and pressure placed on the bony prominences during us roger. Brindle, C. T. , & Wiggling,J. Journal of Wound Story Continence Nurses Society Quantitative Experimental design 100 cardiac surgical patients in CHIC. Ix week study All Participants had foam dressing applied prep and daily skin assessment Comparison group had standard of care only(foam dressing removed Post) Intervention group had standard of care *foam dressing was not removed No statistical difference in participants characteristics No pressure sores were noted until day 6 Post. In the comparison group, 1 1. 7% developed pressure sores. In the intervention group 2% developed pressure sores.

The presence of pressure sores were lower then expected. Further research is needed to test the use Of sacral foam dressing in the operating room. Nursing interventions may have contributed to the lower rate of pressure sores chose this article based on the Authors current hospitals practice. The application of foam dressings on all surgical patients with a low Braded score and/or patients with long surgeries. Connors, T. , Sledge, J. Bryant-Worriers, L. , Steam, L. , & Potter, P.

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Society of Urological Nurses and Associates 201 0 147 Patients undergoing urological surgical procedure The Braded Scale was selected to evaluate the risk for pressure sore development The average Braded Scale score prep was 22. 63 (range 14 to 26) and Post was 18. 72 Further research is needed to examine pressure ulcer occurrence in the OR to identify predictive variables I chose this article to research the importance of identifying patients at high risk for pressure sores and the use of tissue support on OR tables Guiana, M. , Bombardier,C. , Deed,D. , Repack,L. , Rogers,T. , Bates-Jensen,B. Holmes,S. American Congress of Rehabilitation medicine Journal 2014 singletree prospective randomized control Design 173 Veterans with preexisting pressure sores six month study All participated in self management and motivational interviews to increase patient compliance statistical data showed no improvement of pressure sores in patients that left the hospital with pressure sores More changes in collaborative health care is needed to reduce the recurrence of pressure sores I chose this article to compare the interventions of interviews with interventions of direct nursing care.

Karakas, M. , & G;m;skyway, N. Journal of Clinical Nursing 2006 Quantitative; Prospective and Analytic descriptive study 84 surgical patients in Turkey All surgeries lasted 2 or more hours Braded score assessment prep and Post. IBM form filled out and patients were followed six months post surgery. Findings correlated with the increase of pressure sores with surgeries lasting more then two hours chose this article to support my theory that surgery that will be longer then 2 hours in length need to have patient interventions in place to prevent pressure sores. Iranian M..

Friend VI. ,MCClure C. , Nard S, Fix L.. Schafer M. , Savoir K. , Magnet M. Association of preoperative Registered Nurses 201 1 Prospective Cohort Design 258 surgical patients during an eight month period. All patients underwent surgery for more then 3 hours the use of foam table pad reduced Braded score in surgical patients the findings indicate table surface and patient positioning may influence the occurrence of pressure sores chose this article to compare same day surgical patients with no prep pressure sores with their post pop skin assessment Shuck D.. Paddle C. Osborne E. Quantitative; retrospective descriptive study 150 cardiac surgical patients. Six month study Three groups of fifty patients each used A -Standard foam mattress. B-Fluid pressure reducing mattress C-Fluid pressure reducing mattress and nursing intervention Group Group Group developed pressure ulcer Author suggest that preventing pressure sores is a team effort between preoperative, interpretive, and postoperative nurses. I chose this article to compare the differences pressure sore incidences in operation tables used during surgery. Shania, E. , Dashes, T. Halftones, R.

International Journal of Nursing Studies 2009 Quantitative, Longitudinal Study 121 ICC patients Patients were assessed at admission and discharge of ICC and assessed using Braded Score and APACHE II score. During the ICC stay 6 pressure sores developed and 5 Pressure sores healed. There was a correlation between APACHE II score and new pressure sores. Pressure sores can be healed in ICC patients chose this article to gain understanding between pressure sores and critically ill patients. Attachments Del, Bates O, Talisman A, Go Y. American Journal of Critical Care Quantitative; Cohort Study 3,225 surgical patients. Nine month study To compare patients’ characteristics (age, sex, IBM, hex of diabetes, and Braded Scale score at admission) VS.. Patient Care characteristics(total OR time, number of surgeries, and possessor use) The patients Braded score at admission, length of surgery, and IBM all played a role in the development of pressure sores. Pressure sores can be avoided if potential risk factors are addressed and interventions are used. I chose this article based of the amount of participants and that this was a cohort study wanted to compare ND contrast the differences between the studies.

Van Len M, Hooves S, Nesses J, Halftones R, Schools J. Journal of Tissue Viability single center prospective controlled clinical trial 83 patients with <12 score on the Norton Scale and no pressure sore at the beginning of the study Group A-? cold foam mattress Group B=static air overlay over the cold foam mattress Group A: 17. 1% Group 8-4. 8% Developed pressure sores. Group B's intervention provided better prevention against pressure sores. I chose this article to determine the use of air overlay in preventing pressure sores.

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