Nursing diagnoses essay

Increase mucous production along with decrease mucous cilia’s action, contributes to further reduction in the caliber of the bronchi and results in crease air flow and decrease gas exchange.

Ineffective breathing pattern related to presence of trachea-bronchial secretions and nasal secretions Alteration on the clients 02:CO ratio due to decreased absorbed oxygen and poor gas cache related to presence to exudates on the alveolar spaces causes the body to cope by increasing respiratory rate or by hyperventilation.The increase in respiratory rate is elicited to cause an increase in the tidal volume of air that in inspired in order to absorb more oxygen. The increase in expiratory rate may need the assistance of accessory muscle that would be evident by the rising and falling of the shoulders during inspiration and expiration. Ineffective Airway Clearance r/t Epileptic pain as evidenced by Ms. Saxon reporting that her chest is sore after coughing/ sounds heard during auscultation.

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Ineffective breathing pattern related to presence of trachea- bronchial secretions and nasal secretions Risk for activity intolerance related to impaired gas exchange as evidenced by inability to complete tasks. Acute Pain Nursing Diagnosis: Pain, acute May be related to Inflammation of lung permanency Cellular reactions to circulating toxins Persistent coughing Possibly evidenced by Reports of epileptic chest pain, headache, muscle/joint pain Guarding of affected area Distraction behaviors, restlessness Potential for hypoxia related to impaired gas exchange as evidenced by occasions/confusion.Risk for [Spread] of Infection Risk factors may include Inadequate primary defenses (decreased culinary action, stasis of respiratory secretions) Inadequate secondary defenses (presence of existing infection, misapprehension), chronic disease, malnutrition Deficient Knowledge regarding condition, treatment, self-care, and discharge needs May be related to Lack of exposure Misinterpretation of information Altered recall Requests for information; statement of misconception Failure to improve/recurrence http://unruliness. Mom/8-pneumonia-nursing-care-pains/ Potential for imbalanced nutrition related to inadequate food intake as evidenced by loss of appetite.

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