” there were many disruptions of the workflow

” Numerous apps are now available to assist HCPs with many important tasks, such as: information and time management; health record maintenance and access; communications and consulting; reference and information gathering; patient management and monitoring; clinical decision-making; and medical education and training” (Ventola, 2014). A messaging app is necessary in healthcare organizations to improve communication between staff members and overall coordination within the staff.

NovaCare Rehabilitation team definitely needs a messaging app because there were many disruptions of the workflow within the clinics that resulted from miscommunications. I discovered  that the use of TigerConnect app can lead to improvements in communication and less workflow disruptions in NovaCare. TigerConnect can allow secure communications between therapists, front desk personnel, and rehabilitation technicians in NovaCare regarding patient information and online training modules that each team member is required to do within a specific period of time. Therapists can communicate with each other about a patient’s progress in therapy.

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They can also communicate with the front desk personnel and the technicians about any changes in patients’ appointments, a patient’s health information and progress report that needs to be scanned and faxed etc. These benefits can lead to a better communication which can improve the workflow within the clinic. 


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