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Quality Nursing Care

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Summative Assessment 


In this essay I will use Driscoll’s model of reflection (Driscoll 2007) to help me understand and reflect on the subject of quality nursing care.Nurses whom have a better understanding off there actions in enhancing their nursing care while taking time to reflect daily on their experience in the long run gives them a better outcome in there development in professional skills which studies have shown (Hansebo & Kihlgren, 2001) Being able to reflect is important as it helps to achieve continuous lifelong learning in the nursing profession.Being able to purposeful reflect lets nurses gain new knowledge and be be able to ”move on and do better within practice” and learn from there experiences (Bulman, Lathlean, & Gobbi, 2011). Being able to learn from your experiences is extremely important to make sure what ever the outcome of the situation was to make it even better next time round if needs be.Being able to reflect back will also give you an opportunity to talk with someone to get things off your chest so if doesn’t effect you time to come.
Not only is refection important for nurses but also student nurses as they will be able to look about on there day and think where there theory came into place with there practical work and in doing this this will allow students to understand the whole reasoning behide reflection.
I am going to explore ethics in detail throughout this essay.

In my opinion and from my experience,quality nursing care, is care that is a certain standard which is expected from you to perform as a nurse.Many situations will arise and it must be in your best interest to perform at a optimum standard of nursing care.This may be how you interact and respond with a patient and their family,during nursing procedures such as giving medication or assisting them with their food or drink.Bringing them to the bathroom, bathing them or dressing them.

You must always treat them with respect and dignity. Think of them as your own family and treat them how you would like to be treated in their situation.Their safety and their best interests must be your priority.Doing everything professionally and going by the nursing code of conduct. Taking time to get to know your patients by talking to them and reading through there nursing assessment and notes.Being by their side may they need someone to talk to or just someone to listen. Making their stay a lot more  comfortable.One must always work within there scope of practise and seek assistance where and if needed.

So what?

Through researching literature I now know professional relationships are necessary to achieve person and family centred care with practice as communication is key.According to Barnsteiner (2014) family-centered care involves providing care that is respectful of and responsive to the individual patient.This definition would be useful for a student nurse on placement as this quote gives you the exact definition of what is expected of you as a student nurse.Being respectful to and responsive to your patient is good manners and will also start you off on a good note with the patient.First impressions are important when it comes to healthcare safe and patients as it gives a good reputation to the hospital.Mc Cormack (2014) stated that family-centered response to an individual’s values are different from person to person. There values which should be incorporated into there nursing care. Honouring there values will increase patient experience unless there values are against medical advice which then we will still not intervene unless extreme circumstance. This also links in with one of the four ethical principles of ethical Respect for autonomy – This acknowledges the individuals right to hold views and make choices, and to take actions based in their personal values and beliefs. 

Grinspun (2015)States when nursing the main goal is to build a therapeutic relationship on the building of trust with the person and to promote and encourage them to make decisions regarding their healthcare by proving reassure meant. An approach using nonjudgemental therapeutic engagement should encourage the process.Being non-judgemental is being aware of your feelings regarding certain matters and understanding why you are critical, along with reflecting on your flaws and failures, which could eventually result in better treatment and management of a patient.Johnson, B. H. & Abraham, M. R. (2012) states that patient and family-centered care leads to improved family experience of carer, better health outcomes, better clinician and staff satisfaction. (46 words over)

“The Nursing and Midwifery Council (2015) state” To practice in an ethically sounded professional manner is necessary to balance ethical considerations, with professional values and relevant legislation. Chaloner (2007)highlights that an understanding of ethics is essential for skilled professionals, It is vital that nurses appreciate the values of this in their work.Ethics is important and affects all areas of the professional nursing role. Gribben (2017) observes that ethics applies to a wide range of practice situations. Ethics are closely linked to values and are concerned with the way nurses manage and conduct themselves both personally and professional. To practice ethically means practicing within the law of the country your working in and following the professional code.Nursing writing services (2017) Code of Ethics for Nurses states that nurses have the responsibility to provide care to patients as well as their families or associated groups.Patient care goes beyond the individual.Healthcare ethics is that its an unavoidable part of healthcare practice. Its making the decisions on doing the right thing and  what can be argued. Its a wide range of practise situations. Its doing the right thing and with being a certain kind of person in healthcare situations.The four ethical Principles are Respect for autonomy,The principle of non maleficence,The principle of beneficenceThe principle of justice – “This principle is standards of justice are needed whenever person are due benefits or burdens because of their particular properties or circumstance such as being productive or having been harmed by another person’s act. “(Gallagher and Hodge 2012 p. 8)

Learning Disabilities 
When working with the public whom have a learning disabilities you have to remain professional at all times.Use of previous notes/assessments can be helpful ingraining an insight into the level of disability.Your approach as a nurse to the service user is important as you will be conveying information that will lead to an adequate and precise nursing assessment  which will be reflective of the service users needs and appropriate care planning can be achieved. Being respectful is important as you treat all service users with non judgemental positive regard.
Effective communication is of paramount importance.Speak clearly and not loudly. Give the service user or their advocate the opportunity to ask questions and the time to absorb the clear and concise information being given.Use of body language should also be observed.The staff member should the ensure the pace and content are appropriate.Where an advocate is being used they can reiterate the information to the service user as many times as necessary.The staff member can also ensure that the service user/advocate is aware of all services/therapies/entitlements available to them and make they aware of the multidisciplinary team input. 
The staff member should ensure that a clear concise adequate hand over between staff occurs and recent relevant information details/previous assessments should also be taken into consideration
Now what 
Before starting this course I knew communication was important but now from studying i realise how important communication actually is. According to Kourkota and Papathanasiou (2014 p. 1), “The nurse, who wants to create the right relationship with the patient, must win him/her from the first moment.’ and this begins with approach and communication.Being able to create that relationship allows the patient to gain confidence and expectation in the nurse.I also learned the many types of communication be it verbal/non verbal and how easily it can be misinterpreted for something else.I will ensure I don’t do this, and will be aware of my own body language using an open posture.I will write neatly and in black pen,I will explain things slowly and calmly to the service user till they full understand.If I find myself in a situation with other staff members where the communication was poorly delivered, I would go back and double check to make sure I received and understand the correct information.


Learning Needs 

Communication – In relation to verbal communication i need to be aware of the language I use and ensure service users are not bogged own with medical jargon.


 I will make a conscious effort to talk to service users and their families in a clear and easily understood language.
By doing this I will gain more confidence and build up a better report with service users and there families.

Start date 

Jan 2018

Expected date of completion 

April 2018

How will I know when I have developed this in this area? 

Staff on placement will notice that my communication has gotten better since starting.

I will ask my clinical nurse manager to observe me and give feedback.

How will others know that I have developed this in this area? 

By me requesting feedback from peers and qualified nursing professionals 

Service users all express their satisfaction.

By reflecting on this I have now gain more knowledge and more understand of  Quality Nursing Care which will help me develop my nursing skills.I have covered being able to reflect is important as it helps to achieve continuous lifelong learning in the nursing profession,I learned that  professional relationships are necessary to achieve person and family centred care with practice as communication is key. Ethics involves providing care that is confederative of and compassionate to the individual patient. From studying before doing this essay over learned that in order to practice in an ethically sounded professional manner you need to be able know and understand that a balance ethical considerations, with professional values and relevant legislation.Ethics  affects all areas of the professional nursing role.Effective communication is of paramount importance at all times not only with learning disabilities.Ive learned that by gaining an insight on the patients before hands lets the nurses them selfs assess the situation and think about there approach affording to their disability. Before starting this course i though that i had an idea of professional knowledge but now i have an better understanding and I have most certainly gain from this experience just in time for my first placement as this have given me for confidence as i now know what to do and how to respond.


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